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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Virtualbox and USB on Fedora 14 (FC14)

Briefly: with the indicaetd setup, all the usb devices appear to be unavailable,
as seen in:

$ VboxManage list usbhost

(they are also greyed out in all the pesky dialog boxens).

[...time passes...] Having spent several hours in the fascinating process of pulling hair out of my head, i found that you have to:
  1. add yourself to the vboxusers group that VirtualBOx creates
  2. disregard notices abour mounting usbfs and whatnot (that's for old systems apparently)
  3. run
    $ sg vboxusers VirtualBox
    $ newgrp vboxusers
    $ VirtualBox

It appears that VirtualBox sets everything for the vboxusers group to work, however, it does not bother to newgrp into it. How's that for great fun.