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Monday, July 18, 2011

Rediscovering Pitigrilli

"As I am in a confidential mood, I will acknowledge I have been going along with my reader's hooliganism. Explanation: during every street side discussion, or car accident, a character appears, as if from underground, and tries to hit one of the contendents (generally the car driver) with his umbrella. This unknown hooligan does nothing else then venting his latent aggressiveness. So with books: a reader devoid of ideas (or endowed with rather amorphous ideas) reads a sentence - picturesque, striking, unusual - falls in love with it, takes it in, and comments it with an exclamation mark: 'right on!' 'my feelings exactly!'. It's as if that it had always been his thought, and that sentence the expression of his true inner feelings, his philosophy on the subject. As the Duce used to say, he 'take a position'. I offer the reader a way to 'take a position' without the inconvenience of negotiating the jungle of the various literatures." Pitigrilli, "Dizionario Antiballistico"

So it is with facebook (or the internet) and its flock of fanboys.

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