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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

If I wanna search, I'll ask for it (or, disabling search engines in Fedora)

I recently upgraded my my work machine from (linux) Fedora Core 15 to Fedora Core 18 (going through FC17,, not that you asked). It was smooth enough- rather amazingly, considering the jumble my machine is.
Even sound was working without intervention at the end, and that's a major feat.

My only bone: I had to locate and disable six (yes: 6, six, sei, sechs, ses, exa) separate desktop indexing/search services which I did not ask for in the first place. Not only that, each one has its personale quirky way of being stopped. I admit I always install both gnome, kde and xfce, though I use almost exclusively kde sessions - my bad. That is not reason, in my view, to have my machine floored by six indexing daemons that manage to be more annoying than the infamous Windows Indexing Service they are trying to copy.

Every one of them gathers thousands of Google hits when coupled with "disable" as in "disable tracker". I wonder if the authors know, or care?

And here they are in their collective hideousness:

  1. tracker: disable by gnome-session-properties (I did not even know this command existed)
  2. nepomuk: kde's semantic desktop, disable through  the system settings visual app
  3. strigi: see above
  4. akonadi: see above
  5. zeitgeist: this aptly named "activity tracker" can be disabled through a custom hack or (perhaps) through gnome session
  6. jetty: not technically an indexing engine, this servlet engine(!!!) was installed as a dependency and enabled by default.
Need I say more? Sheesh.

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