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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

With this type of books, (organized) atheists are now as obnoxious as their theist counterpart

Getting acquainted with organized (U.S resident, I might add) so called new atheism has made much to persuade me that, whatever I am (an agnostic, in all likelihood), a new atheist I am not.

The obnoxious righteousness of the "movement" has much to do with this, and I plan to blog about it in the future. The attending fanboyism I also find poisonous.

To this, they are now adding this brand of proselytizing literature. (Maybe it was already there and I just wasn't looking).

I'm not going to say that I consider it on par with Chick's tracts (go ahead, savor of the madness), but to tell the truth, the idea of being woken up on Sunday morning by a Dawkins' witness offering informative atheist literature does not amuse me. Unlikely, maybe, but still...

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