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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Building emacs 25.1 on Fedora Core 22

I am not (no longer) a big fan of OS updates (and the grueling work of picking up the pieces of broken stuff the usually comes after that. So it is not unusual, for me, to be lagging 2-3 major releases behind my distro of choice. I am currently at Fedora Core 22, while the world runs at FC24 speed.

Now, however, emacs 25.1 is out, and a birdy is telling me it won't be built for FC22. Few choices but to build it myself (I'd already done it back in FC15 days): it turns out that it is pretty staightforward on my main box:

    #  wget http://mirror2.hs-esslingen.de/fedora/linux/updates/24/SRPMS/e/emacs-25.1-0.3.rc2.fc24.src.rpm
    #  dnf builldep emacs
    #  dnf builddep emacs
    #  sudo dnf builddep emacs
    #  rpm --install emacs-25.1-0.3.rc2.fc24.src.rpm 
    #  cd ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/SPECS/
    #  dnf install webkitgtk3-devel
    #  rpmbuild -bb emacs.spec 
    #  cd ../RPMS/
    #  dnf update */*.rpm

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