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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ciao, Freddie

Ieri è morto Freddie Hubbard, un gigante della tromba jazz. Aveva avuto un attacco cardiaco lo scorso 26 Novembre. Lascia decenni di musica formidabile e un vuoto che il mondo del jazz farà fatica a colmare. Qui sotto è con Art Blakey e gli All Star Jazz Messengers (Benny Golson, Curtis Fuller, Walter Davis Jr, Buster Williams) nel 1984. Il brano, ovviamente, è "I remember Clifford".

Ciao, Freddie.


Anonymous said...


Freddie Hubbard was one of the most influential jazz trumpeters and was skilled with unmatchable technical abilities.

Well, some may have criticized his liability to overdoing, regarding playing fast, playing high and doing some tricks too often, anyway, this is still more or less a matter of taste.

My favorite albums with Freddie are his very first ones: Interplay (1962) with Bill Evans or Caravan (1962) with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers.

Here was a young trumpeter with new ideas, wiping off the dust of the old American songbook, and added his sparkling sounds to the above groups. On the other hand do I personally prefer his contemporaries Booker Little or Lee Morgan, and the one and only Kenny Dorham, did they show a deeper, a more soulful expression than the sometimes quite carelessly improvising Freddie Hubbard.

Anyway, his inspired, ardent solos on the fast blues Birdlike (1965) or on Oliver Nelson's album The Blues And The Abstract Truth (1961) are of timeless beauty and belong to the best solo contributions in jazz history ever.

Freddie Hubbard will be missed. He was one of a kind.

Bruno Leicht

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Happy New Year to you, and stay tuned.


Anonymous said...
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