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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

On turning Linux into Windows

What follows is my reply to this very good post  by Paul Selegue Eberhart.

My feelings exactly. I do not think this train can be stopped however. Not since Fedora bug 53407  and the ensuing  discussion. (TL;DR: Turned out FC12 suddenly was allowing console users install signed packages without prompting for root password. The developers responsible for the change argued endlessly that the change was for the best, and that legacy Unix mindset was preventing them from doing cool things)

It's "Because of the mouldy figs we cannot be kewl", and "We should not be afraid of complexity"  (these folks have never heard of the blob antipattern). Too bad Redmond was not hiring more coders, the problem would have been solved.

What will probably stop  this move to turn Linux into Windows is that the growing irrelevance  of the Linux Desktop will turn their sights on mobile development. Then the server people and saner attitudes will be given a chance.

(I didn't know that systemd shared authorship with pulseaudio. Now that I know, I will have to ponder a platform transition from RedHat for my servers. Although it would have to be to some *BSD* as I am not very partial to the Ubuntu vagaries, either.)

P.S: the aforementioned FC bug has this illuminating exchange:

> > This is really a *major* change that is precise opposite of the way *NIX has
> > always worked.  
> I don't particularly care how UNIX has always worked.

I do, or I'd be using Windows.

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